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Elite Services: A Heritage of Excellence in Poultry Services

Elite Services is a Chilliwack, BC based group of companies established in 2005. We provide poultry handling, equipment installations and barn washing services in Western Canada. We are a service-oriented business committed to providing professional solutions to the poultry industry.

White Chicken


At Elite Services our promise can be summed up in one word: Respect. Respect for our customers, industry partners, employees, and the animals in our care.




  • Continued training for our employees on humane handling and animal care

  • Regular toolbox meetings with our crews

  • We treat customer property with respect and responsibility

  • We perform weekly follow-up calls to receive customer feedback and satisfaction

  • We adhere to research-based industry standards

  • All of our Standard Operating Procedures are based on National Codes of Practice

  • We provide employees with a safe and respectful working environment

  • Included in the New Staff Orientation, employees are guided through a workplace safety module

  • We make sure employees know their responsibilities and the process for preventing and eliminating unacceptable behavior

  • We have set up an anonymous whistleblower program    

  • Our New Staff Orientation and posters in the crew vehicles outline how employees can effectively report any concerns

  • We are industry advocates, showing leadership and commitment to humane animal care

  • We play an active role in our industry’s boards, associations and other working groups

  • We have implemented an internal audit program to ensure industry codes of practice             are being met

  • Various members of management do monthly audits of all crews and practices

Four Chickens

Industry Standard

    We are dedicated to industry best practices and base all of our activities on National Codes of Practice.


    We take a proactive leadership role in bringing best practices to our industry.


    Animals in our care are handled and transported with respect.


    To ensure that our promise extends to everyday practices, we are committed to show consideration and respect for others in the workplace.


    At Elite, we’re serious about our promise. Success to us means respect for our customers, industry partners, employees and animals in our care.

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